Main collective exhibitions (selection)


2010-2012 Foto Iberoamérica.Fundación Iberoamericana de las Artes, Madrid.

-2011-2010. Agua. Museo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Museo Municipal de Guayaquil. Ecuador.

-2010. Vous étés ici, Fondation Clément, Martinique.

-2009- Kréyol Factory, Grand Halle de la Villette, París.

-2008. Atlantique Caraibe. Fondation Clément, Martinique.

-2008. Inside and out, recent trends in the Dominican Art. Cultural Center of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Washington, DC.

-2008. It's Not Easy, Exit Underground. SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics), Galería Exit Art, New York.

-2008-2006. Merengue! Visual Rhythms. Museo del Barrio, New York.

-2007. Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art. Brooklyn Museum, New York.

-2007. Arte Nuevo Interactiva '07, Bienal de la Nuevas Artes y Laboratorio Interdisciplinario Experimental. Mérida, Mexico.

-2007. III Encuentro Mundial de Arte Urbano ,Arte Acción Plaza, tribute to Edgardo Vigo. Santo Domingo.

-2006. First Cultural Festival of African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP)MAM,

-2006. Ninth Biennial of Havana. Havana, Cuba, -2005,

-2005. 51 Biennial of Venice. Venice, Italy.

-2003. Erotismo. Centro Cultural de España, Lima, Perú.

-2000-2002. Urban life in the Caribbean region. Traveling show in the Caribbean. Cariforum Foundation.

-2001. Rastros. Museo de la Electricidad, Lisbon.

-1999-2000. 100 years of photography, 1899-1999: A Personal View of the twentieth century. Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States.

-1993. Latin American collective Nahe Dem Wilden Herzen, Aspekta Galerie, Centro Cultural Gasteig Cutural Center ,, Munich y Volkshochschule en Treffpunkt, Stuttgart y Ostfielder, Germany.

Participation in collaborative projects (selection)

2010 - Pasajes de París. Embassy of France, Santo Domingo. Text of Carlo Garrido Castellano and poem by Cristiane Grando.

2008- His photographs are part of the writers Junot Diaz and Aleksander Hemon debate, at the Central Park SummerStage, New York,

2006- Treasure Island, videoperformance, in collaboration with Chiqui Vicioso, Miriam de Gautreaux, (baker) Architects Liza Ortega and Limber Vilorio, Patricia Pou (Photographer), Amparo Chantada (oceanographer), Ignacio Alcantara (Video artist).

2006- Interiors, the book by Ricardo Ramón Jarne and Antonio Zaya, edited by the Museum of Modern Art (MMA), Santo Domingo, DR,

2000 - "DoubleTake" magazine, short story "Neighbors" by Julia Alvarez, inspired by Polibio Diaz's Photograph" Camino a Manabao " by (USA), from that date until now it has been used as text book in schools and universities in the U.S. Examples: 2008, At once: A course for Spanish Speakers by Fabian Samaniego a Houghton Miffin Company text book, U.S. and New Readers, Bedford / St. Martin (Español 101) , USA, 2001.

1999-2008 - Nude caught off guard, in collaboration with Ricardo Ramon Jarne,

1998 - One Island, One landscape,, the book, texts by Raoul-Jean Moulin and

Marianne de Tolentino, with poems by Manuel Rueda,

993-Pictures of Carnival, the book, texts by Jeannette Miller, Raquel Tibol, Pedro Verges, Fradique Lizardo, Manuel Rueda.

-1984- Scarecrow from the South, the book, text by Jeannette Miller. 1976-1978.

1976-78 Design and build his house Marialejos, better known as Tarzan's House, in collaboration with the Arqs Miguel Vila and Federico Fondeur, on one of the affluents of the Bahoruco river in the province of Barahona, D.R.